Alternative Investments


Our Alternative Investment Division sources short-term opportunities that deliver high returns over set timeframes from companies with a 100% repayment track record.

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Fixed Income


Our Fixed Income Division gives institutional and qualified investors exclusive access to meticulously sourced investments in the fixed-income space.

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Wealth Management


Blending world-class financial expertise with luxury bespoke service, our Wealth Management Division helps high-net-worth investors plan for the future with confidence.

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Why Hays Mews Capital?

Our founders saw a gap in the market for a boutique organisation – one that unites world-class financial expertise with exclusive investment opportunities and luxury service. And they’ve made that vision a reality.

We’ve worked in big investment banks and wealth management companies – our senior team has accumulated experience of international financial services totalling over 100 years. However, we prefer the personal approach that our friendly environment enables us to deliver.

Enterprising, steadfast and warm, we’re committed to helping grow your wealth – via our Alternative Investment, Fixed Income and Wealth Management Divisions.

Navigate the Alternative Landscape With Confidence

High-net-worth investor looking for proven opportunities to bring diversity and growth to your portfolio?

Scouring the globe, our boutique Alternative Investment Division leverages a rigorous selection process to source best-in-class alternative investments – particularly those in the fixed-income space – with a 100% track record.

Unlock alternative investment opportunities that combine high yields with a short timeframe and robust security structures.

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A Better Way to Invest

Institutional or qualified investor searching for high-performing investments to bring diversity, stability and growth to your portfolio?

In today’s volatile landscape, fixed-income investments are an essential ingredient in institutional and qualified investor portfolios. Leveraging a rigorous selection process, we seek out innovative opportunities in the fixed-income space – those characterised by strong returns, short timeframes and controlled risk – and bring them to you with exclusive access.

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Experience the Exceptional

Are you a high-net-worth investor looking for wealth management solutions tailored to you?

Everyone is different. But ultimately, most of us want the same thing: to grow our wealth, taking a level of risk that we’re comfortable with. Providing insight, support and guidance at every major milestone of your life – and at all the little moments in between – our full range of wealth management services help achieve your financial goals.

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What Our Clients Say

Luxury Property Investment: A Gateway to Diversified Portfolios

Luxury Property Investment: A Gateway to Diversified Portfolios

Thinking about investing in luxury real estate? Then this one’s for you. Encompassing types of luxury property, market trends, available investment types, advantages, challenges and more, our complete guide has it all!

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Commercial Property Investment: A Beginner’s Guide

Commercial Property Investment: A Beginner’s Guide

From coffee shops to office blocks, commercial real estate is an alternative asset class with the power to diversify and stabilise your portfolio – and give you a regular income stream. Not sure where to start? Dive into our guide to get the lowdown on commercial property types, benefits and risks, the importance of location and more.

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Fixed Income: A Guide for Investors

Fixed Income: A Guide for Investors

Searching for strategies to bring stability and diversity to your investment portfolio? Dive into the world of fixed income in our in-depth guide. We explore fixed-income investment types and the benefits (and potential drawbacks) of including fixed income in your portfolio – and even include a glossary to ensure you understand the terminology.

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